Offgridtec® HomePremium M USV Solar system 12.45KWP US3000 21 kWh 3-phase pre-order

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The brand newOffgridtec® HomePremium series (3-phase) is a real all-rounder at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. In addition to the use as a UPS backup solution with the selection between network and battery priority, this PV system can be used as well as a self-consumption system. There are hardly any limits to the performance of this solar system- depending on personal needs and on request, extensions, both module and battery side are possible. If a higher output power is required on the inverter, further same devices can also be added here for increasing performance.
In addition to the power electronics, the memory and the solar modules, all components required for the connection are also included, with the exception of the solar module holders, which must be ordered separately. All other components are plug and play - this does not mean annoying plug mounting or the like - connecting and ready.

Partial list:
30x Jinko Tiger Neo 415W Solar module Mono N-Type
6 x 3.5 kWh Pylontech US3000C LIFEPO4 memory batteries
1x Victron Energy Mppt SmartSolar Ladenegler 450/200 48V
3x Victron Energy 48/3000 Multiplus-II inverter MPN PMP 482305010
1x pylontech battery channel 024U for 12x US2000C / 8x US3000C batteries
1x Cerbo GX + 1x GX Touch 50 from Victron Energy - The communication center of your system
1x Victron Energy Lynx Distributor for DC Distribution and Protection
1x Victron Energy Lynx Power in
3x 10m offgridtec® professional connection cable 6mm² solar module to charge controller for the connection between solar modules and charge controller
2 x pylontech battery connection cable set Pylontech to inverter 2 x 2.0 m 25mm² amphenol to M8
1x 1m battery cable 50mm² on both sides M8 eyelets
3x 1m battery cable 35mm² M8 eyelets on both sides
3x 10m 6mm² MC-4 connecting cable
1x Ve.CAN to CAN-BUS BMS Type A Kabel 1.8M AS030710018 for the connection of the Cerbo GX to the memory
2x 3m Victron RJ45 UTP cable to connect the Multiplus to the Cerbo GX
3x mega protection 125a / 70V
1x mega protection 250a / 70a
2x 0.9m Victron RJ45 UTP cable
Jinko Tiger 415W solar module Mono N -Type - efficiency of 21.25%

TheJinko Tiger Neo N-Type (JKM410N-54HL4) is a 415W solar module With monocrystalline cells and N-type technology. The solar cells use the Super Multi-Busbar technology-with this, the loss was efficiently reduced by microcracks, the electricity transmission path reduced by 50% and the cell efficiency improves. The module is manufactured with the Hot 2.0 technology.
The Jinko solar module is certified for use in wind and snow loads of 2400-5400 PA, as well as for its high salt and ammonia resistance. The hardened front glass with high light permeability and low iron content has a thickness of 3.2mm and has an anti-reflection coating. The frame has anodized aluminum alloy.

Super-multi-busbar technology
Busbars are located on every PV module. These are power rails that are firmly printed on each solar cell. They absorb the generated direct current and lead it to the collective rails. By using more bus bars, Jinko reduces shading, shortens the transport paths and reduces the resistance in the modules.

N-type technology
Compared to P-Type products, N-Type cells that are used with a different endowment technology cut off better when taking out performance. The significant increase in the bifacial factor and the optimization of the operating temperature also bring a higher performance gain. When it comes to the LCOE value (electricity costs), the analysis result has significantly reduced compared to conventional P-Type modules.

Hot 2.0 technology
The efficient passivation contact technology is used in HOT 2.0 cells, which updates the micro-nano tunnels by the oxide layer and the support selective lamination of microcrystalline silicon-thin layers on the back. This advanced structure contributes to better passivation performance and electrical conductivity, which increases the efficiency of the cell and the power generation power. Under the conditions of mass production, the maximum efficiency of the N-Type Hot2.0 cell is over 21% and has a broad application perspective in the near future.

16 busbars (Super-Multi-Busbar technology)
High efficiency of 21.25%
PID resistance (excellent anti-pid performance guarantee thanks to optimized mass production processes and material control)
Hot 2.0 technology
Positive performance tolerance of 0 ~+3%
Including connection cable
Manufacturer product guarantee: 15 years
Improved performance in low light
Improved mechanical resistance to external influences
Max. Lifespan even under extreme environmental conditions

Technical specifications:
Performance (pmax): 415wp
Tension (VMP): 31.32 V
Max. Electricity (IMP): 13.25 a
Idle voltage (VOC): 37.92 V
Short circuit current (ISC): 13.99 a
Cell efficiency: 21.25%
Operating temperature: -40 ° C - +85 ° C
Max. System voltage: 1000/1500VDC (IEC)
Cell type: N-type monocrystalline
Number of cells: 120 (6 x 20)
Weight: 22 kg
Dimensions: 1722 x 1134 x 30 mm
Protection type connection box: IP68
LIFEPO4 storage technology from Pylontech - proven, reliable, safe

With the usedUS3000C memory battery from Pylontech It is a lithium iron phosphate battery of the latest generation. A highest possible lifespan with maximum security is guaranteed with this modular system. In each module there is a battery management system (BMS) which offers comprehensive protection against deep discharge and overload, as well as damage due to too high streams or too high or too low temperature. A defect in the battery is also excluded due to a short circuit or reversal.

Characteristics The Pylontech US3000C memory modules:
Extremely cycle -proof - over 6000 cycles at 95% dod (discharge per cycle)
Absolutely self -proof by integrated protective shutdown (BMS)
High loading and discharge power
Very high storage density
Low weight and compact design
Absolutely maintenance -free and easy to install
Pylontech grants a 10 -year guarantee on the US3000C

TheMultiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 is a high-end device combination of Victron Energy combines the classic multiplus components with an external current sensor and integrated anti-Icelanding function. As a result, the functions PowerControl and Powerassist are expanded to 50 A and the potential area of ​​application extends to eating applications, which means that this device is predestined for use in this system. The inverter provides a whopping 3000 W or 2400 W with a linear permanent burden on a non -linear load. The 48 V battery charger is also very well proportioned with 35 A charging power and is supplemented by a 32 A transfer switch, with which it can be switched back and forth between the AC connections.

Performance features and properties of the Multiplus-II 48/3000:
PowerControl and Power Assist increase in network or generator performance
Built-in anti-Icelanding function and connection option for external electricity sensor (optional)
Can be used as a backup device in network -coupled systems for the power supply for network failures
Can be used in various ESS (Energy Storage System) applications
Ideally suited for use in offgridtec and ongrid systems
Ve.Bus interface for parallel and three-phase operation, remote monitoring and system integration
Practically unlimited performance through parallel and three-phase operation
Can be configured on site or from a distance using Veconfigure software*
Approved according to VDE-ar-n 4105
3000 W power with non -linear load 2400 W continuous load and 6000 W Top output
For 48 V battery voltage, 32 A transfer switch and 35a battery charger
Output voltage: 230 VAC, frequency: 50 Hz
Max. Effect is 95%, protection class IP22
The delivery of the multiplus-II is unconfigured by default. You will find the configuration instructions for the system here in the download area. If you wish for a preliminary configuration through us, we are welcome to do this for you at an additional charge. To do this, put the "Offgridtec preliminary configuration" article linked above during the ordering process. In this case, shipping can take 3-5 working days longer until the configuration has been carried out.

Maximum flexibility thanks two alternating current outputs
The main exit ensures uninterrupted operation. In the event of a network failure or in the event of an interruption of the land/generator current, the multiplus-II takes over the supply of the connected consumers. Switching happens so quickly (in less than 20 milliseconds) that an interruption -free operation of computers and other electronic devices is guaranteed. The second output only provides electricity if the Multiplus II AC. Consumers who are not allowed to unload the battery, such as B. a water heater can be connected to this output.

Victron Energy Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50 - The communication center
The latest development in system monitoring from VCTRON Energy enables you to easily control and configure your system. Rounded off by the GXC Touch 50 - a waterproof 5 inch touchscreen - keep an overview of your system parameters. With the functions of the cerbo, the system can be checked and monitored perfectly on the one hand, on the other hand it enables the maximization of the system performance to have never been there.
The corresponding module can be used with both solar charging controls and with network-bound inverters. The assembly material and the required connection cables are of course included in the delivery. With the help of the Bluetooth ability of the GX Touch 50, access to your system is even faster and easier. Only optional is a wall bracket for the GX Touch 50, which must also be ordered if necessary.

TheVictron Remote Portal (VRM) is a free Victron Energy Service, which enables you to read the data of your system from a distance and to configure the devices accordingly. So you always have the full controller and overview of all relevant system parameters even when you are away. The functionality is available as a demo version online and ideally suited to get a first impression -

Safety note: Have this complete system only installed and put into operation by an electric specialist.