Offgridtec® FSP-Max 440W 40V foldable solar panel solar case

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The FSP-Max 440W from Offgridtec (MPN 014560) is a foldable high-end solar module with a connection kit and integrated fold-out supports to set up the module easily and anywhere at a 45 degree angle. The module is equipped with highly effective monocrystalline solar cells and delivers a whopping 440W of solar power with optimal orientation and sunshine.
The combination of the compact dimensions when closed and the low total weight of almost 13kg sets new standards in terms of flexibility and efficiency of mobile solar modules. The supply of mobile or permanently installed energy storage is thus possible flexibly and easily.

The solution for solar-assisted, mobile charging of batteries:

  • In the camping area
  • On expeditions
  • For vehicles and boats without fixed solar installation
  • For off-grid power supply at home
  • And numerous other applications in a wide variety of areas

Important properties:

  • High output power
  • Compatible with various 1-2.5 kWh mobile power stations
  • Manufactured from high quality polymer composite
  • Set up and connected quickly
  • Cell efficiency of over 22%
  • Compact dimensions
  • With practical carrying handle and protective bag

Easy to use anywhere

Four feet are firmly attached to the solar case, which can be easily folded out if necessary to set up the panel at a whopping 45 degrees on the ground. The module is fully set up and ready for use within a minute. The sloping orientation ensures an ideal solar yield. In conjunction with the low weight, the folding module with its compact dimensions and practical carrying handle is suitable for many different applications and is quickly ready for use without much effort.

The supplied professional connection kit

The connection kit included in the scope of delivery contains everything that is required for quick commissioning of the mobile solar module. It has a 6m connection cable, which is fitted with a high-quality Anderson connector at one end. A second 0.5m connection cable is supplied that is screwed directly to the solar input of your charge controller and is equipped with the corresponding Anderson plug on the other side. You can connect or disconnect the controller at any time via the Anderson connectors without having to unscrew the cables from the charge controller.
A 1 m long Plug&Play connection cable is also included for connecting the charge controller to your battery. This is screwed to the battery input of the controller and is equipped with universal alligator clips on the battery side, which can be conveniently connected to all common battery terminals. The battery cable also has a blade fuse holder with a corresponding fuse.

With the 6m connection cable, with a suitable adapter, a connection to a suitable power station (with integrated charge controller) can also be established.

Technical specifications:

Rated power (Pmax): 440W (4x110W)
Module voltage (Vmp): 40V
Module current max. (Imp): 11A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 48V

Short circuit current (Isc): 12A
Max. system voltage: 200V/DC
Cell efficiency: 22.62%
Cell type: monocrystalline
Weight: 13.2kg
Dimensions closed: 1072 x 547 x 90 mm
Dimensions open: 1072 x 2188 x 22.5 mm

Scope of delivery:

1x Offgridtec FSP-Max 440W foldable solar panel
1x professional connection kit
1x protective bag