Mastervolt ChargeMaster 24/6 24V 6A battery charger 1 battery bank

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The Mastervolt ChargeMaster (MPN 43020600) guarantees fast and full charging of your batteries. With protection class IP65, it is also ideally equipped for use in damp environments. The 24/6 is the smallest member of the Charge Master family and is ideal as an entry-level device in the semi-professional sector. The 3-stage+ charging technology ensures a fast and complete charging process, while the limited generator capacity is used to the maximum thanks to the Cos-Phi-1 regulation.

If you need Masterbus compatibility, you will only find this from model 12/25, the current control function is available from version 12/35. But even without Masterbus compatibility, the Charge Master 24/6 has a lot to offer its user.

important product features of the ChargeMaster 24/6

  • 3-stage+ charging technology for a fast and complete charging process
  • Output voltage 24V, charging current 6A, degree of protection IP65
  • AC cable and battery connection cable already pre-assembled
  • charges gel, AGM, wet cell and Li-ion batteries
  • LED operating indicator provides information about the function of the ChargeMaster 24/6
  • natural cooling without fan
  • very easy installation and quick start-up
  • Quality made in the Netherlands

Mastervolt paves the way for a system with no weak points, guaranteeing you the most reliable and quietest power supply. Whether for leisure or professional purposes, with Mastervolt you have continuous power that you can always rely on... The power for more independence.

Scope of delivery: 1x 43020600 Mastervolt Chargemaster 12/10

Data sheet

charging current (A)



1.0 kg

Product type

battery charger

charging curve91


for battery type64

AGM, gel, liquid lead acid, lithium ions


2 years

input voltage47

230V (180-265V), 50/60Hz