Mastervolt BI 703 70A 12V 24V heavy duty battery isolator 3 batteries

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The Mastervolt (83007030) BI 703 battery isolator is based on conventional diode technology. The isolating diode is suitable for use in conventional systems with an alternator and a battery charger and 2 or 3 battery circuits. The falling diode voltage (approx. 0.6 V) can be compensated by adjusting the output voltage of the connected charger or generator. Mastervolt battery chargers and Alpha Pro MB alternator regulators are equipped with automatic voltage drop compensation as standard.

Mastervolt separator diodes are used to distribute the charging current between multiple battery packs of the same nominal voltage. The use of an isolation diode ensures that the battery packs do not discharge each other. Mastervolt isolation diodes are only suitable for mounting between the positive output of a current exciter (charger or alternator) and the positive connection of the battery sets. The negative output of the current exciter and the negative terminals of the battery sets must be connected directly to each other. Isolation diodes cannot be used in a combined charger/converter system.

key product features

  • max. Current at the battery charger output 25A / 50A
  • max. Current at alternator output 70A
  • 3 battery outputs
  • for 12V or 24V batteries
  • very compact, in an absolutely massive solid body avoiding wear

compact and lightweight
The Mastervolt BI battery isolators are compact and made from an absolutely solid body, which avoids wear and tear. They weigh between 580 and 1300 grams.

tough and durable
Totally corrosion resistant material with aluminum heatsink. The electronic components are encased in plastic, diode splitters in the case of the BI models.

quick install
Composite end plates with terminal spade lugs and solid screw terminals with nuts and locking rings to ensure a secure installation.

Areas of application

The battery cut-off relay should always be installed when two separate vehicle electrical systems are available or are being created. This is the case, for example, in the following cases:

  • RVs
  • Caravan with its own battery for autonomous operation
  • Military vehicles (e.g. radio vehicles)
  • truck
  • Coaches
  • Cars with powerful additional consumers (e.g. powerful hi-fi amplifiers)
  • smaller motor yachts without an on-board generator
  • ambulance vehicles

data sheet

Article number 8-66-008175
Manufacturer part number 83007030
Product type Battery isolator diodes
Manufacturer Mastervolt
Protection class IP IP21
Dimensions (LxWxH) 207x140x80mm
weight 1.1kg
EAN 4250983252309