CS 100Ah 24V Lithium LiFePO4 -FISHING- electric motor battery -deep sounder/drive-

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Model CSX24100-BMS100F
Rated capacity 100Ah
Energy content 2560 Wh
Cell type Big-Capacity-PrismaticCells (BCC)
Replaces a 200Ah lead-gel battery
Application 24V installations, fishing, solar,
Application for parallel connection yes, any number of the same type possible
Application for series connection yes, but limited to a maximum of 2 pieces!
Operating voltage 18.4 – 28.8V
rated voltage 25.6V
lifetime =10 years
cycle life at 50% DoD =5000
cycle life at 80% DoD =3500
cycle life at 90% DoD =3000
Charging programs CCCV / IU / IUoU
End of charge voltage 28.4 - 29.2V
Maximum charging current 100A/1C
Standard charging current 50A/0.5C
Charging current for max. service life 17A/0.33C
Continuous discharge current 100A
Peak discharge current (3-5sec.) 200A
Maximum inverter power up to 1250-2500W
End of discharge voltage 18.4V
Temperature range (discharge) -20°C to +65°CTemperature range (charge) 0°C to +50 °C (charging current reduced from 0°C)
Temperature range (storage) -20°C to +65°C
Battery management system (BMS) Yes, built-in
Balancer Yes, active
Self-discharge 1 - 2% / month
Any installation position
Connection M8 screw (SAE car cone optional)
Protection class IP67 water and dust protected
Weight 21.0 kg
Dimensions including handle ( WxDxHmm) 405 x 175 x 235mm
Manufacturer's warranty 5 years