CS LiFePO4 motorcycle starter battery -LitePOWER- with balancer 12V / 7.5Ah -390CA-BMW GS 120x80x118mm ~1280g

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New Lithium Lite POWER starter batteries with balancer

in waterproof case

With the newly developed Lite POWER Starter batteries, CS-Electronic presents a new battery series with a waterproof housing and built-in power balancer. In addition, the LitePOWER lithium battery comes with connection poles instead of a connector plug.

As before, original A123 Systems LiFePO4 cells provide the enormous starting power, which are free-standing in the housing for a better Cooling are arranged. Also new is the direct power balancer, which is arranged directly on the cells without a cable.

The Lite POWER Starter batteries are for Users who would like to install a battery with a fixed or waterproof housing. Which, like your previous battery, has screw connections for connecting the cable harness and has a built-in balancer.

For users who appreciate our Anderson connectors, we naturally offer an adapter cable set to the LitePOWER lithium battery can also be quickly and easily disconnected from the motorcycle.

What you should know about lithium iron phosphate batteries in general:

Not every LiFePO4 cell has the same structure, even if they are named the same. The technology and the material used is identical, but the structure of the cells makes the difference. We only use the heavy-duty A123 system round cells with 30C continuous discharge and 60C peak load capacity. In addition, the round cell has a built-in valve, which allows it to be used without a balancer. However, this is not possible with a flat prismatic cell and leads to destruction.

In the motorcycle, the new LiFePO4 cup cell solves many problems that annoy every biker every year. The lead or gel batteries used up to now are mostly sluggish, empty or defective after the winter, so buying a new battery for the current season is unavoidable, year after year the same game, apart from the procurement costs and the time for installation.

The new CS-Electronic LiFePO4 starter battery generation can help here by simply replacing the previous ones used lead or gel battery.

Most of the time nothing needs to be changed on the motorcycle!

Select a comparable CS lithium starter battery based on your previous motorcycle battery by selecting the Pb Compare EQ value (equalent to lead battery)

A 7.5Ah LiFePO4 starter battery replaces a 20AH lead or gel battery.

Advantages of our LiFePO4 Lite POWER lithium starter battery:

> 50% lighter, very big weight advantage compared to conventional ones Lead batteries

> Smaller installation dimensions than comparably strong lead batteries

> LiFePO4 batteries create more starts

> Water and dustproof battery housing

> Built-in power balancer

> Large cell connectors / multi-point welding

> Longer service life, up to 10 years

> Minimal self-discharge, always ready to go, no hibernation necessary

> Any installation position, no leakage of liquids possible

> Delivered fully charged, install and drive off

> No additional electronics required

> High cold start power down to -10°C without damaging the battery

> Maintenance-free & frost-proof

> M6 screw connection gold-plated

> Case padding material for size compensation

> Adaptable with Anderson quick disconnect connector

> Environmentally friendly, no lead, no acid, recyclable !

START The CS motorcycle battery is a high-current-resistant power battery with enormous power output and low internal resistanceThe battery can withstand powerful starting and several attempts to start it even under adverse circumstances


The CS battery also proves its strength when charging. The LiFePo motorcycle battery is connected to the motorcycle alternator like a lead-acid battery. The alternator regulator treats and charges the CS-LiFePO4 starter battery just like a lead-acid battery, no changes to the motorcycle or alternator are necessary for this. When installed or removed, the LiFePO4 starter battery can be charged with our CS chargers.

ATTENTION: CTEK, Optima and Pro-Charger chargers are not suitable for our cells and will destroy them the first time they are used!


Due to the high-quality cells, the CS motorcycle battery evens out small fluctuations itself after several charges. The battery does not need to be balanced when operating with an alternator. If a battery is drained by additional consumers or numerous attempts to start, the built-in power balancer helps to quickly balance the individual cells and increases the service life.

LIFE The LiFeP04 power cells are currently being sold with over 5000 charging /discharge cycles specified when treated within the specified parameters. So up to 3 times longer than conventional lead or gel batteries.

Delivery time: 1-3 working days

Technical data:

Type: LiFePO4 motorcycle starter battery

cell technology: lithium iron nanophosphate

Design: Intrinsically safe cup cells configured as block battery

Capacity: 7.5Ah

Capacity relevant to lead acid battery Pb-EQ: 20Ah

Typical nominal voltage: 13.2V

End of charge voltage: 14.4V

board voltage: 12.8V

Number of cells: 12

Starting power CA: 390A

Energy: 99Wh

Maximum end-of-discharge voltage: 10.0V

balancer: Power balancer (cell balancing) installed

Temperature application range: -30°C to +60°C

Temperature storage range: -50°C to +60°C

High Strength: up to 5000m

Charging current standard: 5.0A /1C /~ 60 min

Maximum charging current: 20.0A /4C /~ 15 min

UN383 certified: Yes

connection: screw poles M6 gold-plated

Dimensions: L 120 x W 80 x H 118 mm

Weight: 1280g

Recommendation for: Racing motorcycles up to 1500ccm, street machines up to 1300ccm , motocross and enduro machines up to 750ccm KTM

Scope of delivery:

1 x LiFePO4 starter battery 1 x user manual1 x padding material for size compensation

Maximum take-off performance, low weight, always ready for action!