SUNBEAMsystem Tough 111W Flush

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Tough series: Winner of many tests

The Tough series has already proven itself over the years. Due to the large selection of different models, the Tough series offers a universal solution for numerous applications. The Tough surface is the preferred choice for the yachting industry, but also for more industrial off-grid applications. All Tough models are equipped with Sunpower™ Maxeon cells with an efficiency of 22.5% or higher.

The surface of the Tough series is robust and very resistant to strong and long-term UV exposure. It is more translucent than standard materials and thus contributes to a higher daily production.

The special tough structured surface ensures a secure hold, but also catches more light at flat sun angles. In addition, all Tough models from 55W are equipped with Shadow Optimized technology, which improves performance in partial shade.

At just 3mm thick, the panels attach seamlessly to any hard surface. Due to the slight flexibility, installation on slightly curved surfaces is also possible.

The flat "flush" connection cable exits on the back of the panel. It can therefore be laid directly below the panel in the interior.

We recommend a soft, flexible adhesive.

  • Powerful
  • Flat flush cable
  • anti-slip surface
  • partial shadow optimized

5 year guarantee

Flexible panel, anti-slip coating that can be walked on, 5-year guarantee, tinned 1.5m cable.

Technical data

Item description

Tough 111 W flush

Article No.



1060 x 540 mm


2 kg

Pmax - Max.Power

111 W

Voc - Voltage open circuit

21.76 V

Lsc - short-circuit current

6.32 A

Vmp - Max system voltage

18.56 V

Imp - Max Current

5.97 A

Ptol - power tolerance

+/- 3%

solar cells


Max sys voltage (incl. by-pass diode)

30V (65V)

cable length

1.5 m

High shadow tolerance



6 x 6 mm

Note: When connecting in series, always pay attention to the maximum permissible system voltage of the solar panel