Pylontech UP2500 2.8kWh 24V Lithium Battery with BMS

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The Pylontech UP2500 is a lithium battery of the latest generation. The storage tank was specially developed to fully meet the high demands that are placed on a solar storage tank today. Thanks to the latest technology, maximum safety and a long service life are guaranteed, even with regular deep discharge.

The latest battery from the market-leading manufacturer, now with just under 2.8kWh per module, has a battery management system (BMS) built into every module and therefore offers a lot of security. Internally, the individual cells are monitored and protected against overvoltage, overtemperature, deep discharge, etc. The battery is compatible and certified with many available inverters.


Extremely cycle-resistant - over 6000 cycles at 95% DoD
Service life of more than 10 years
Absolutely intrinsically safe lithium technology
Compatible with many available inverters
Automatic address setting when connected in multi-groupsHigh charging and discharging performance possible
Integrated BMS
Very high storage density - low weight and compact design
Easy installation thanks to modular design
Absolutely maintenance-free and durable
Built-in soft-start function, the is able to reduce the surge current when the inverter is started from the battery
BMS level dual active protection
Pre-charge function to protect the ESS system from overvoltage function
Battery management system in each module

Thanks to the battery management system integrated in every module, every built-in battery cell is protected from harmful influences over the entire service life of the module and premature defects are effectively prevented.

Protection from:

deep discharge and overcharging
overvoltage when charging
currents that are too high when charging and discharging
overtemperature and undertemperature
short circuit and reverse polarity
constant monitoring of the individual cell voltages (cell -Balance)

Modular structure

The system has a modular structure and can be tailored to the desired storage capacity by connecting several modules together. Each storage module consists of a high-performance lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) battery and an integrated BMS.

High cycle life

The extremely high cycle life of the built-in LiFePo4 cells make Pylontech UP2500 modules the ideal storage solution for photovoltaic systems. Regardless of whether the solar system is grid-connected or an island system, the Pylontech storage system offers a number of advantages over typical lead-acid batteries and other lithium technologies.

Technical data

Battery type: lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4)
Nominal voltage: 25.6V
Nominal capacity: 110 Ah / 2.84 kWh
Usable capacity (95% DoD): 99.6 Ah / 2.55 kWh
Discharge voltage range: 23.3 - 28.5V
Charge voltage range: 28.2 - 28.5V
Max. (Dis)charging current: 85A
Communication: RS485
Weight: 26.5 kg
Dimensions: 442 x 420 x 120 mm
Protection class: IP20
Operating temperature range: 0°C - +55° C
Temperature range storage: -10°C - +60°C
Lifetime: more than 10 years
Cycle life: more than 6000 at 95% DoD
BMS / monitoring: integrated in each module
certification : IEC62619, CE, RoHS, UN38.3
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Scope of delivery:

1x Pylontech UP2500 LiFePO4 2.88 kWh
1x cable set for parallel connection including grounding
1x operating instructions