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Copy of professional backup kit 10.48kWh pytes lifepo4 battery-Victron Multiplus II 48/5000 inverter 1-phasig #1

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The professional backup systems are ideal for emergency power supply or for expanding an existing solar system. In addition to lithium-ion batteries from Pytes, the systems contain a suitable multiplus II inverter and a Cerbo GX from Victron Energy for system monitoring. This can ensure your energy supply even if there is a power failure.

Thanks to the UPS function, the Multiplus remains switched on in the event of a mains error and takes over the supply of the connected consumers. Switching happens so quickly (in less than 20 milliseconds) that an interruption -free operation of computers and other electronic devices can be guaranteed.

Areas of application of the professional backup kit:

  • Emergency power supply
  • Network -independent solar systems (island systems)
  • Retrofitting of existing PV systems
  • Net -coupled power supply
  • USV systems
  • The Victron Energy Energy Storage System (ESS) offers extensive options to maximize the use of the generated solar power.
    Depending on the usage profile, the battery capacity of the battery storage used can be set so that more space is created for usable self -consumption.
    With this set you have the option of completely using the current yourself or feeding excesses from the solar energy into the network. For this purpose, the connection conditions of the network operator must be observed. The Victron Energy VRM portal offers comfortable access to your own solar power plant and even with an app for your mobile device. (Victron Energy VRM).

    The battery capacity of 5.12 kWh can be expanded modularly via additional 19 inch modules. Each module has 5.12 kWh of battery capacity.
    A maximum of 8 modules can be switched in parallel. If more memory is required, a communication hub must also be used. A total of up to 5 stacks of 8 battery storage modules with a maximum capacity of 204.8 kWh can be set up.

    The EM24 (max. 65 a per phase) is an energy meter that is used in energy storage systems.
    This measured the performance and energy of the entire application in the distribution box. The data is then displayed on the GX device and the VRM portal.
    In the ESS system it is possible to implement a phase compensation.

    This set consists of:

      1x multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50
      1x Cerbo GX
      1x RJ45 UTP cable 1.8m
      1x Energy meter EM24 - 3 phase - max 65a/phase
      1x RS485 to USB Interface Kabel 5m
      1x ve.can to can-bus BMS cable
      2x E-Box-48100R LIFEPO4 Battery Pack
      2x holder at the front for e-box-48100R LIFEPO4 Battery Pack
      2x holder at the back for e-box-48100R LIFEPO4 Battery Pack
      2x battery cable set 2x2 meter 25mm² for pylontech / e-box-48100R
      1x mega-fuse 250a/58V
      1x pair of connection cables 110cm 70mm² for multiplus
      1x lynx distributor

    Pytes e-box memory battery
    The new generation of LFP batteries for energy storage systems at home. It offers you a safe, well thought-out and powerful standard LFP battery package.
    Extremely cycle -proof - over 6000 cycles
    Absolutely self -confident lithium technology
    High loading and discharge power possible
    • Integrated BMS
    • Very high storage density - low weight and compact design
    • Absolutely maintenance -free and durable
    • Preliminary function to protect the ESS system from overvoltage function
  • The electronics core-the Victron Multiplus-II device combination

    The Multiplus-II is a high-end device combination of Victron Energy, consisting of 48V battery charger, inverter and transfer switch. This combination combines the classic multiplus components with an external current sensor and integrated anti-Icelandic function. As a result, the functions PowerControl and Power Assist are expanded to 50a and the potential area of ​​application extended to energy-storage system applications. The Multiplus can therefore be used ideally as a baking device in mesh -coupled and independent systems for the power supply.

    • 5000W output with non -linear load - 4000W permanent load - 9000W peak output
    • For 48V battery voltage
    • 50A transfer switch
    • 70a battery charger
    • Output voltage: 230 VAC, frequency: 50 Hz
    • Max. Effect: 95%
    • Protection class: IP22

    System monitoring with the Victron Cerbo GX

    With the Cerbo GX communication center, you can easily control and monitor your system. The flexible connection options maximize your system output. The control of your system is possible thanks to the Cerbo GX.