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Blue Sea 300A Battery Master Switch m-Series Black

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m Series - Battery master switch - For small on-board systems, outboard motors and small built-in machines

- Connections made of tinned copper - best contact and maximum corrosion resistance
- 22mm long terminal bolts suitable for M10 ring cable lugs
- Stable, closed-back plastic housing with three slide-in side panels enables cables to be routed from different directions.
- Suitable for surface mounting, installation and countersunk mounting in control panels
- Rotary knob can be pulled off in the off position
- Protection class IP66
- Switching function: ON / OFF
- Peak current (30s): 900A
- Short term load (5 min): 500A
- Continuous load: 300A
- Voltage range up to: 48V DC
- switch positions: 2