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Canadian Solar 375W Mono Solar Panel perc hiku CS3L-375MS

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The Canadian Solar Hiku CS3L (MPN 014555) is a 375W solar module with monocrystalline cells and N-type technology. The solar cells use the multi-busbar technology, with which the loss was efficiently reduced by microcracks, the electricity transmission path reduced by 50% and cell efficiency improved.

The Canadian Solar solar module is certified for use in wind and snow loads of up to 3600 PA or 5400 PA, as well as for its high salt and ammonia resistance. The hardened front glass with high light permeability and low iron content has a thickness of 3.2mm and has an anti-reflective coating. The frame has anodized aluminum alloy.


  • 26% more power than conventional modules
  • High efficiency of 20.3%
  • Up to 2.7% lower system costs
  • Better shading tolerance
  • Manufacturer product guarantee: 12 years
  • Reduces the effects of microricises
  • High snow loads up to 5400 PA
  • Increased wind loads up to 3600 PA

    Canadian Solar

    Under the leadership of Dr. Shawn Qu was founded Canadian Solar in 2001. The goal was to promote sustainable development, as well as to create a better and clean earth for the future. Canadian Solar is now one of the world's largest providers for photovoltaic products and energy solutions worldwide. Over 160 countries have already been supplied to cover the need for clean and green energy of 15.8 million households. The Canadian Solar modules are produced according to the highest quality standard. To date, more than 14,000 dedicated employees of Canadian Solar have joined this mission to make our environment a bit cleaner.

    Innovative perc technology

    PERC technology (passivated emitter Rear Cell or back passivation) in the offgridtec OLP solar modules with its key technology ensures a higher efficiency of the solar cells. On the back of the cell, a dielectric layer is generated between the conventional aluminum metallization and the silicon wafer layer, which is provided by a laser with the smallest holes. This dielectric layer reflects light that penetrates to the back without creating load carriers. The reflection gives the photons a "second chance" to generate electricity. In addition to the higher efficiency in different wavelengths and the increased probability that electrons contribute to performance, PRO technology contributes to lower system costs and an increase in the area of ​​energy energy yield.

    N-type technology

    Compared to P-Type products, N-Type cells that are used with a different endowment technology cut off better when taking out performance. The significant increase in the bifacial factor and the optimization of the operating temperature also bring a higher performance gain. When it comes to the LCOE value (electricity costs), the analysis result has significantly reduced compared to conventional P-Type modules.

    Technical specifications

    • Performance (pmax): 375wp
    • Tension (VMP): 34.30V
    • Max. Electricity (IMP): 10.94a
    • Idle voltage (VOC): 41V
    • Short -circuit current (ISC): 11.61a
    • Cell efficiency: 20.3%
    • Operating temperature: -40 ° C - +85 ° C
    • Max. System voltage: 1000V/DC
    • Cell type: N-type monocrystalline
    • Number of cells: 120 [2x (10x6)]
    • Weight: 20.5 kg
    • Dimensions: 1765 x 1048 x 35mm
    • Protection type connection box: IP68

      Scope of delivery:

      1x Canadian Solar Hiku CS3L-375MS 375W solar module (depending on the option)

      data sheet

      Protection type connection box


      Short circuit current (ISC)

      11.61 a

      Idle voltage (VOC)

      41 V

      Max. Electricity (IMP)

      10.94 a

      Module voltage (VMP)

      34.3 V

      Generator performance WP

      375 WP

      Manufacturer part number



      Canadian Solar


      1765 x 1048 x 35 mm


      12 years of manufacturer's guarantee

      Cell efficiency