Forster 12.8V Lithium 150AH LIFEPO4 Premium Battery | 200A BMS 2.0 | Ducato Ford PSA | 1920wh | IP67

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Forster Lifepo4 12.8V 150AH

Lithium Premium series
The highest quality and reliability for almost all areas of application, whether caravan, marine or energy storage. Latest cell technology, optimized BMS 2.0 control and monitoring set the standard for maximum performance and service life. Optimal monitoring and control of the measurement and consumption values ​​by measuring shunt and Bluetooth possible.

Maximum usable capacity
Extreme BMS performance
Lowest weight
Highest reliability
5 year guarantee

Top features:

200a Hochlast Power BMS
With the special high -load power BMS, peak currents from 200A duration and 400A are possible. As a result, the batteries are never operated on the limit and the service life of the batteries is extended.

100% usable capacity
With our Premium battery series, 100% of the specified capacity can be used without the battery being damaged. Conventional lithium batteries can often only be discharged up to 92 - 95%!

Multi-Charge fashion (MCM)
With the Multi-Charge fashion (MCM) you can continue to use 99% of the devices such as booster, country charger or solar controller. This saves you additional costs and receives the manufacturer's guarantee for new vehicles.

Optionally, all of our X series Batteries with a 500a Bluetooth Mess-Shunt are available in order to display the really exact level using the app.

Protection class IP67
The housing of the premium battery is completely glued to enable flexible use even under moist or wet conditions. The batteries correspond to the protection class IP67.

Built -in complete protection / safety first
The integrated, intelligent battery management system (BMS) protects the battery and grants completely harmless use.

Consistent. Saving resources
Big Power Prismatic Cells (BPC)
In contrast to conventional batteries, which consist of many small interconnected cells, Forster relies on a few larger battery cells. The minus of complexity brings a plus of performance, lifespan and security.

Maximum use of space
Few cell connectors
Less weight
Quick assembly
High security and service life
High reliability

Monitoring and control of the cells

200a Hochlast Power Battery
Management system (BMS)
A battery management system monitors and controls the individual cells of a battery and protects them from damage. In addition, the BMS controls the output, which is located with our power BMS with 200A permanent current and 400A top current.

Important functions of the BMS:
Overload protection
Deep discharge protection
Overvoltage protection
Active cell balancing
Complete charging control
Multi-Charge fashion (MCM)
Temperature protection of the BMS
Short -circuit

Exact measurement of the battery
Smart Mess-Shunt
The Smart Mess-Shunt is a battery lesser. It measures battery voltage and current. On the basis of these measurements, it calculates the state of charge, the remaining term and pursues progress data, such as the lowest discharge, the average discharge and the number of cycles. The Smart Mess-Shunt connects to the VictronConnect app via Bluetooth. This serves to read all monitored battery parameters and is also used to make or change settings.

Precise loading state display
An advertisement for several batteries
Can be switched off
No power consumption when winter

Direct guarantee processing
5 year guarantee
Forster individual batteries grants a 5 -year guarantee on his batteries. Even after the guarantee period, the Forster Service is there for you and can check and repair your battery. Due to the Modular construction and the use of large cells, this is easy, quick and inexpensive.

5 years of manufacturer's guarantee
Fast guarantee processing
Fast and efficient
Inexpensive even after the warranty period

Technical specifications 
Order no.: F12-150X2
EAN 4251847301379
Capacity 150AH
Replaced lead-gel-agm battery 12V/300AH
Nominal voltage 12.8V
Energy content 1920Wh
Operating voltage 10.5V - 14.6V
Application in parallel circuit yes, any number of the same type possible in parallel!
Application Series circuit yes, in serial up to 24V, 36V and a maximum of 48V!
Cell technology lithium lifepo4
Cell type BPC BIG-Prismatic-Power high-load cell-gradeaa
Lade programs CCCV / IU / iuou / lead acid
Load closing voltage 14.2V - 14.6V
Conservation load 13.3 - 13.8V
Maximum charging current 100A
Recommended charging current 60a
Max.entladestrom / 5 sec. 400a
Permanent draft electricity 200a
Battery shutdown 10.5V
BMS Battery Management System integrated
Remote monitoring optional (at x) no
Remote monitoring/measurement shunt integrated F12-150XB2
Protection class IP67
Cycles / lifespan at 50% DOD> 6000
Cycles / lifespan at 80% DOD> 4000
Cycles / lifespan at 90% DOD> 3000
Temperature when charging 0 ° C to +60 ° C / below 0 ° C, the charging current is automatically reduced by "Cell-Frost-Control" in the BMS
Temporal repair at-20 ° C to +60 ° C
Recommended storage temperature -10 ° C to 30 ° C
Storage 80 - 100% loaded / in the event of non -use, battery load every 6 months
Self -discharge 1 - 2% / month
Connection of car
Plus pole arrangement at the front right
End poll for data sheet pole
Preparation Shunt mounting N/A
Emergency switch installed N/A
Length 355mm
Width 175mm
Height 190mm
Installation position arbitrary, standing, lying, sideways, upright, upside down
Canbus interface N/A
Weight 15.5kg
Guarantee 5 years
Certification UN38.3 | MSDS | CE | Raw