Ecoflow River 2 EU PowerStation 256Wh 300W AC USB port

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With the patented X-Stream technology, Ecoflow's power stations are among the fastest charging power plants in the world. River is charged from 0 to 100% in less than an hour.

Mobile energy supply made easy

Thanks to the 4 instead of 3 different charging options, the Ecoflow River 2 Max Powerstation offers a high degree of flexibility and is quickly operational in different situations. The AC socket delivers a pure sinus wave with a total of 500W. Via the LCD display, directly at the Powerstation, the charge status, the remaining battery in percent, input and output power as well as other data can be displayed. Due to the low weight and compact dimensions, the River 2 Max is an ideal travel companion.

The sophisticated, modular structure also offers the option of adapting the performance and mobility of the Ecoflow River 2 Max to the given circumstances within a very short time.

Emergency power supply

The Ecoflow River 2 Max is ideal for your emergency power supply. If you connect the power station to the power grid via the AC input, all devices at the AC outputs are supplied with a network current. In the event of a sudden power failure, the River automatically changes to the battery -operated supply mode within 30ms. As a basic USV function, this function does not support 0MS switching. Therefore, do not connect any devices that need an interruption -free power supply, such as data servers or workstations. Test and confirm the compatibility before using the product.


  • Control the power station with the Ecoflow app and monitor
  • Inputs and outputs:

    • DC5521 output (2x): 12.6V/DC-max. 3A per port
    • Technical specifications:

      • Lifespan: 80%+ capacity after 3000 cycles

      Scope of delivery:

      1x Ecoflow River 2 Max

      1x DC5521 for DC5525 cable

      1x 1.5m AC charging cable

      1x 1.5m car charging cable

      data sheet

      270 x 260 x 196 mm

      Lithium ions

      20 ° C - 30 ° C

      6 kg



      Mobile Powerstation