EcoFlow Delta Smart Generator EU gasoline generator

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The EcoFlow Delta Smart Generator (MPN 50040004) is a petrol generator for use alone or in connection with the EcoFlow Delta Max or Pro power stations. This allows you to easily expand your battery system. When the Smart Generator is connected to the Delta Max/Pro, the generator will start automatically when the power station is almost empty. As soon as this is fully recharged, the generator switches itself off again.


  • Single use possible
  • Compatible with EcoFlow Delta Max / Pro power station
  • Automatic on and off
  • Tank filling corresponds to 5.4 kWh capacity
  • Direct AC charging on the device possible
  • With LCD screen
  • Controllable with the EcoFlow app
  • Built for every emergency

    Compared to conventional gas generators, the EcoFlow Smart Generator charges directly with direct current, saving you fuel and charging time. The AC output allows you to power devices directly in emergencies while your power station is being charged. The DC charging process of the power station can thus be completed more easily and efficiently. With the smart generator, an intelligent emergency power supply is possible. The current status can be read either via the app or directly on the LCD screen. The generator features a CO & fuel alarm and auto shut off, providing a secure supply you need in the event of a power outage or emergency.

    Four start options

    The Smart Generator offers four easy ways to start. When you are close to the device, you can turn it on by electric or manual start. If you are not able to go to the generator, you can switch it on via the EcoFlow app. For an added level of energy security and efficiency, the smart generator turns on and off automatically when your connected power station reaches a set battery limit.

    technical features

    • Tank volume: 4 liters
    • Engine oil volume: 0.38 liters
    • Working time (constant operation): 3.5 hours
    • Nominal voltage: 230V
    • Rated power: 1800W (peak power: 1900W)
    • DC output voltage: 42-58.8V
    • Max. DC output current: 32A
    • Frequency: 50Hz
    • Dimensions: 597 x 296 x 475mm
    • Weight: 28.5kg
    • Scope of delivery:

      1x EcoFlow Delta Smart Generator

      1x connection cable 5m from generator to power station

      1x oil funnel

      1x screwdriver

      1x spark plug connector

      1x articulated handle

      1x double key

      1x user manual







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      gasoline generator

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