CS 60Ah 12V Lithium LiFePO4 Starter Battery 1200A(EN)

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Before ordering, please check with your vehicle manufacturer whether a conversion is possible!

Not suitable for Euro6 vehicles.

New 60Ah Lithium LiFePO4 car starter battery in standard housing

With the new LiFePO4 lithium-iron-phosphate X-Power starter battery from CS-Batteries, you have the opportunity for the first time to replace your previous lead or gel battery in your car 1&1 to exchange for a LiFePO4 starter battery. We offer you the latest lithium battery technology ready to install in a standard battery housing. An exchange is therefore possible quickly and easily without further changes to your vehicle.

The standardized SAE pole connections also fit the X-Power lithium battery and are installed in next to no time.

Our X-Power starter batteries come fully charged and start your vehicle immediately after installation.

To protect the lithium technology, a BMS (battery management system) is built into the battery. This BMS protects your battery from overvoltage, overtemperature, balances the cells when charging and prevents the battery from being deeply discharged.

Due to the extremely low internal resistance of LiFePO4 batteries in contrast to AGM batteries, the battery is capable of high currents. This allows the vehicle's alternator to charge the battery in a shorter time with a higher current.

The new X-Power lithium starter battery replaces lead or gel batteries up to 200Ah.

You also have simple and inexpensive weight savings of up to 40kg compared to conventional 200Ah lead or gel batteries.


  • Latest A123 lithium iron phosphate cell technology Gen3
  • 1&1 interchangeable with conventional lead or gel batteries
  • Replaces a 200Ah lead or gel battery
  • Full car starter battery, plug&play!
  • Easy connection with SAE automotive pole terminals!
  • High current
  • Operation on common alternators
  • Safety First, protection of the battery cells by an intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) with
  • Surge protection
  • Temperature protection
  • single cell balancing
  • deep discharge protection
  • Over 3000 cycles at 80% discharge
  • 100% maintenance-free and frost-proof
  • Enormous weight savings
  • Easy installation thanks to standard installation dimensions
  • Very long service life
  • Environmentally friendly, no lead, no acid
  • Recyclable!

The lithium-iron-phosphate battery (LiFePO4) is the safest of the family of lithium-ion battery types Weight compared to lead, gel or AGM batteries. In addition, the latest lithium-iron technology offers a high degree of intrinsic safety, so that there is no risk of explosion even under the most extreme conditions. A 13.2V LiFePO4 battery consists of 4 individual cells connected in series, each with a nominal voltage of 3.3V. A built-in battery management system (BMS) also protects the battery cells from damage.


The LiFePO4 X-Power starter battery is connected to the car's alternator like a lead-acid battery. The alternator regulator treats and charges the LiFePO4 starter battery in the same way as a lead battery, no changes to the car or alternator are necessary for this. When installed or removed, the battery must be tested on our special XF5 performance charger C140005.

If your vehicle is equipped with intelligent generator control and/or recuperation, this battery is not suitable for it. We offer you suitable batteries for this under the category "Auto / Recuperation - Batteries".


The X-Power battery has a built-in balancer, which adjusts the cells perfectly to the cut-off voltage for maximum starting power with each charge


The LiFePO4 power cells are currently specified with over 3000 charge/discharge cycles when treated within the specified parameters. Thus 4-5 times higher than common lead or gel batteries.

Advantages of our LiFePO4 X-Power battery compared to lead batteries:

  • Huge weight advantage over conventional lead batteries!
  • Enormous starting power with 1200A!
  • Extremely fast charging of the cells possible!
  • Longer service life, up to 10 years thanks to the latest LiFePO4 technology!
  • Cheap weight tuning!

Battery Management System (BMS)

A battery management system monitors and controls the individual cells of a battery and protects them from damage.

Important functions of a battery management system:

  • overload protection
  • deep discharge protection
  • Surge protection
  • Active cell balancing
  • Load monitoring and control
  • Temperature protection of the cells
  • BMS temperature protection
  • short circuit protection


CE: General operational safety

UN38.3: Tested transport safety in traffic

RoHS: Tested material safety

GUARANTEE: 2 years

Technical data:

Model: CSX12200-C1200A

Type: starter battery

Rated capacity: 60Ah

Energy content: 768 Wh

cell technology: lithium iron nanophosphate LiFePO4

Cell type: A123 Systems

Replaces a: 200Ah lead gel battery

Application: 12V starter battery, short-term high-current loads

Application of parallel circuit: No

Application of series connection: No

Operating voltage: 10.5 - 14.6V

Rated voltage: 13.2V

Lifetime: = 10 years?Cycle duration at 80% DoD: = 3000

Loaders: CCCV

End of charge voltage: 14.6V

Maximum charging current: 150A

Continuous discharge current: 150A

Start power (1 sec): 1200A(EN)?discharge end voltage : 10.5V

Temperature range (discharge): -20°C to + 65°C

Temperature range (charge): 0°C to +50 °C

Temperature range (storage): -20°C to + 65°C

Battery Management System (BMS): Yes, installed

Balancer: Yes, active balancer

Self-discharge: 1-2% / month

Mounting position: any

Connection: Standard SAE pole terminals / pole arrangement 0

Protection class: IP65 water & dust protected

Weight: 8.5kg

Dimensions (WxDxH): 355 x175 x 188 mm

Recommendation for:

4 - 12 cylinder petrol engines up to 10.0 ltr 4 - 8 cylinder diesel engines up to 8.0 liters.

Scope of delivery: 1 x LiFePO4 X-Power battery

1 x instruction manual

Minimal weight, maximum takeoff power, 1&1 interchangeable! .