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Blue Sea BS 7748 SafetyHub 150 Fuse Block/DC Splitter

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Blue Sea BS 7748 SafetyHub 150 fuse block/DC distributor combines a protected fuse block and an integrated connector plug. It is safe for use on petrol powered boats, reduces cable connections with less installation effort and securely holds up to ten circuits together.


  • Four 30A-200A MIDI/AMI fuses (sold separately) specially designed for high amp circuits , panel guides, windlasses and stereo amplifiers.
  • Six 1A-30A ATO/ATC fuses (sold separately) that are particularly useful for circuits, bilge pumps, alarms and timers.
  • Tool for removing car fuses
  • Sealed cover protects fuses from the harsh marine environment.
  • IP66 - protected against strong water jets
  • Integrated ground busbar
  • Integrated connectors eliminate loose wires and provide a secure, watertight connection.
  • Meets ABYC requirements
  • Delivery without fuses


  • Circuits: 10
  • Operating voltage: 12V
  • 24V
  • 32V
  • AMI®/MIDI® fuse block
    • Maximum total current: 200 A at 2/0 cable cross-section - 50°C Maximum ambient temperature
    • Maximum total current: 350 A at 4/0 cable cross-section - 50°C Maximum ambient temperature
    • Maximum total current: 600 A at 2 x 4/0 cable cross-section - 50°C maximum ambient temperature
    • Maximum current (per circuit): 250 A
    • Recommended minimum cable size AMI®/MIDI® fuses: 2/0 AWG (70 mm²)
    • Fuses available: 30A-200A
  • ATO®/ATC® fuse block
    • Maximum current (per block): 5 0A
    • Maximum current (per circuit): 30A
    • Fuses available: 1A–30A
  • Bolt size: M8 x 1.25
  • Recommended ring terminals: M8
  • Screw torque 8-23: 2.03 Nm
  • Screw torque M5: 3.05 Nm
  • Bolt torque: 20.34Nm
  • Dimensions: 165 x 129 x 48 mm
  • Weight: 1.59 kg

Battery management, circuit protection, changing subsystems

The Blue Sea BS7748 SafetyHub 150 consolidates ignition protected, high current carrying capacity and 24-hour nearby circuit protection of the battery and at the same time offers circuit protection for the leads of the Blue Sea 360 Panel

The Blue Sea 360 Panel provides circuit protection for all moderate current loads and the fuse holder protects the electronics since these devices are switched on at the device. This example minimizes panel space and tightens circuit protection in just three locations on the boat and achieves a safety benefit by ensuring high amperage cables are protected.