Battery connection cable 50mm² 40cm M8 Ozone, UV and temperature resistant

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You need this battery connection cable if you want to connect several batteries together.

Regardless of whether you connect 2 batteries in parallel to increase capacity, or 2
Batteries are connected in series to increase the voltage. (e.g. 24
volt systems)

At a glance

Connects 2 batteries in a professional way
The cable is permanently flexible, highly resilient, ozone, UV and temperature resistant.
H07 RN-F 1 x 50.0 mm² 0.4 m cable / M8 eyelets

Note: You usually need 2 pieces

Length 0.4m
Area of ​​application indoors
Compatible with M8 battery terminals
Product Type 1 battery accessory
Cable lugs M8 ring cable lugs