5m shrink tubing 19.1mm>9.5mm blue

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Ideal for insulating or protecting open areas on a cable. When heated, the hose contracts and ensures absolutely tight insulation. The cable/connection point is thus protected as best as possible against external influences (water, UV radiation, corrosion, etc.).

The hose is in a practical packaging, which allows you to unroll it to the desired length.
Ideal for the well-assorted DIY range and for the professional sector.

Simply cut the hose to the desired length and position it in the intended location.
Heat the tube evenly with a heat gun or other suitable heat source until it completely encloses the cable and the resin comes out slightly at the ends.

Be careful not to expose the tubing to direct heat for too long in one spot, but heat it evenly all over until it has shrunk to the desired size.

At a glance
Color: Blue
Shrinks from: 19.1mm to 9.5mm
Length: 5m

data sheet

Article number 7-01-000592
Manufacturer part number 000592
Product type shrink tubing
Manufacturer Offgridtec
length 5m
Diameter unshrunk 19.1mm
Diameter shrunk 9.5mm
EAN 4260297857671