Risen 36 pc. Palette Titan S 400W Mono Perc SolarModule RSM-40-8-400m G5.3 Black Frame

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The Titan S Mono Perc (MPN RSM-40-8-400M) Solar module from Risen is a 400W solar module with monocrystalline cells and offers excellent performance even with low sunlight. The solar module achieves this higher efficiency through the use of mono-perc cell technology. The Titan S Mono Perc solar module is certified for use in wind and snow loads of 2400-5400 PA under certain installation methods.


  •  High efficiency of 20.8%
  •  PID resistance (excellent anti-pid performance guarantee thanks to optimized mass production processes and material control)
  •  Positive performance tolerance
  •  Two -stage inspection, for a flawless product
  •  including connection cable

Innovative perc technology

The PERC technology (passivated emitter Rear Cell or back side passivation) with its key technology ensures a higher efficiency of the solar cells. On the back of the cell, a dielectric layer is generated between the conventional aluminum metallization and the silicon wafer layer, which is provided by a laser with the smallest holes. This dielectric layer reflects light that penetrates to the back without creating load carriers. The reflection gives the photons a "second chance" to generate electricity. In addition to the higher efficiency in different wavelengths and the increased probability that electrons contribute to performance, PRO technology contributes to lower system costs and an increase in the area energy yield.

Technical specifications

  •  Performance (pmax): 400 W
  •  Tension (VMP): 34.39 V
  •  Max. Electricity (IMP): 11.64 a
  •  Idle voltage VOC): 41.30 V
  •  Short circuit current (ISC): 12.34 a
  •  Operating temperature: -40 ° C - +85 ° C
  •  Max. System voltage: 1500V DC
  •  Cell efficiency: 20.8%
  •  Number of cells: 120 (5x12 + 5x12)
  •  Dimensions: 1754 x 1096 x 30 mm
  •  Weight: 21 kg
  •  Protection class: IP68

Scope of delivery:

36x Risen Titan S 400W Mono Perc RSM-40-8-400M solar module (Black Frame)

data sheet

Generator output WP: 400W
Weight: 21 kg
Manufacturer: Risen
Short circuit current (ISC): 12.34 a
Limitation voltage (VOC): 41.30 V
Module voltage (VMP): 34.39 V
Protection class (IP): IP68
Cell efficiency: 20.8 %
EAN: 4262397633292
Max. Electricity (IMP): 11.64 a