FORSTER 100Ah 12.8V LiFePO4 lithium battery | 100A-BMS | SmartBluetooth

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FORSTER LiFePO4 Smart Bluetooth 12.8V 100Ah

High quality lead acid battery replacement with longer service life!

With the lithium-iron-phosphate technology, previous lead, gel and AGM batteries can be used quickly and simply be replaced. The specified capacity can be almost fully used and the weight is up to 75% less than a comparable lead-acid battery.

Another big advantage is the low self-discharge, which significantly simplifies and extends the storage or service life. Even if the available capacity is almost fully used, the lithium technology with 3000 cycles enables a seven times longer service life than previous batteries.

The standard battery series is offered for 12V, 24V and 36V installations. Both parallel connection to increase capacity and series connection to increase voltage up to max. 48V are possible.

Multi-Charge-Mode (MCM) / compatible with common chargers

Up to now, lithium batteries could only be charged with lithium chargers. When replacing the regular batteries with lithium, the chargers also had to be changed. With the FORSTER Multi-Charge-Mode Software (MCM) you can continue to use 99% of the devices such as boosters, shore chargers or solar controllers. This saves you additional costs and includes the manufacturer's guarantee for new vehicles.

Bluetooth monitoring / charge status display (SOC)

Batteries with integrated Bluetooth monitoring allow you to display the most important battery data on your smartphone or tablet. The free APP "FORSTER Smart Connect" shows you the following data in real time:

  • Charge status of the battery
  • Remaining runtime with current consumption
  • Battery voltage
  • Battery nominal capacity
  • Charging and discharging current
  • Battery temperature
  • Charge and discharge cycles
  • Warning message of limit values

Safety / Safety First

The latest lithium iron phosphate technology offers a high level of intrinsic safety, so that there is no risk of explosion itself impossible under the most extreme conditions. A LiFePO4 battery consists of individual cells connected in series and a battery management system (BMS). The BMS monitors and protects the battery cells from damage during charging and discharging.The standard BMS from FORSTER assumes the following safety functions:

  • overload protection
  • deep discharge protection
  • overvoltage protection
  • Active cell balancing
  • load control
  • Cell Frost Control (CFC), charging current reduction below 0°C
  • Multi-Charge-Mode (MCM)Compatible with common chargers
  • Temperature cell monitoring
  • Temperature BMS monitoring

Product quality

The independent German development of the battery management system is the basis for our quality standards. It is also checked and documented FORSTER INDIVIDUAL BATTERIES not only in production but also all batteries again on the day of dispatch before delivery.

5 year guarantee

As the manufacturer, FORSTER INDIVIDUAL BATTERIES grants 5 year guarantee on the battery advertised with the guarantee promise.

You can find suitable pole adapters at FRENCHMAN ENERGY here and at FRENCHMAN MARINE here.

Technical data

You can find all information here.

Data / order no.:






Replaces lead-gel AGM battery


energy content


Max.Voltage when charging

14.4V ± 0.2V

Max charging current / charging time

100A / 60min

Recommended charging current


Temperature during charging

0°C to 50°C

Max. discharge current / 3 sec.


continuous discharge current


operating voltage

11.0V - 14.6V

Battery shutdown


Temperature during discharge

-20°C to +60°C


Yes, built-in









self discharge

1 - 2% / month

Protection class


RecStorage temperature

-10°C to 30°C


60 - 80% charged / when not in use, charge the battery every 6 months